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Welcome to An Online Platform that allows  event organizers sell tickets and allows chef and caterers sell their services seamlessly. You will find BeUevent easy to use and very intuitive.

Chefs: 3 ways to sell your services  

1.Clients hire you to come cook in there homes and they provide the ingredients.
2.Clients hire you to cook in their home and pay you to buy the ingredients.
3.Clients hire you to cook and deliver the food.
You are free to choose which options suits you best. Learn more...

Event Organizers: list events and sell tickets 

It is free to list an event and you have unlimited event listing. Full featured event listing: description, fliers/pictures, comments, connects, raffle, Social Media and more.
You can list various types of events including networking, nightlife, birthdays, seminars, classes, conventions, festivals and more.
Selling on BeUevents is easy. Simply Login, list your event or menu and start selling - allow you reach thousands of people a day. 
Our Report Tools allow you to track your sales and connect seamlessly with your customers. It ensures you spend less time doing paper work and more time making sure you create the ultimate experience for your customers and be the rave of the town.
Communicate and Drive Sales from your existing customers. Design and communicate your campaign seamlessly using our various communication tools. 
What We Have Done.... even though we are a start up company we partnered with Panla ( a food, culture and entertainment company) to bring about the first ever NYC African Restaurant Week last year.




It is free to list an event. Unlimited event listing
Full featured event listing: description, fliers/pictures, comments, connects, raffles, Social Media and more
Simple, engage your attendees and keep them coming back. When they come back they tell a friend.
Clients hire you to come cook in their house - they can purchase the ingredients or they can have you purchase the ingredients.
You can also cook at your facility and deliver the food.
Your cooking style is unique! Let the world discover it!
Learn more >   Learn more >
Panla Pop-up Dinner - create your own event - create your own event - create your own event