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Event Organizers ensure your event attendees keep coming back and help you share the word - promote your event and create a truly fun and engaging event.
Engage your event attendees and they will keep coming back. Our Connects game feature ensures that attendees have the opportunity to network seamlessly at your events. Also our online free raffles make sure you can add spice to your events. Go to our FAQ section to learn more. 
Promote your event seamlessly and efficiently. Share your event on Facebook, Twitter and various Social Media platforms. Connect  seamlessly with people on your mailing list and with event attendees. Simple, when you engage your fans good things happen.
List all types of events including Networking, Nightlife, Seminars, Fundraisers, Classes, Birthdays, Conventions and more.
Can I sell tickets Online
Yes you can!  Payment is made via Paypal. We remit all payments to your Paypal within 24 hours 
Please see our Fee Schedule for more details
How does it Work
BeUevent is a free event listing web site. The web site features is supposed to allow you organize and promote fun and engaging events.
You can sell event tickets - parties, classes, seminars, festivals.
What are some of the features of BeUevents
This allows people to network and connect easily at events.
Ability to list raffles to win at your events. The winners are announced at each event via email. The event organizer and winner  are both automatically sent an email. 
Sell Event Tickets
Also our event planners and organizers can help you plan your next event.
What payment Options are available
Payments are made via Paypal .
Who can use BeUevents
Anyone organizing an event can use the web site.  Whether you are planning a birthday Party, seminar, fundraiser, class, concert, conferences (any kind of event)  you will find our platform and our team very helpful. Anyone can  plan a fun and engaging event. - create your own event
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