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sell chef & Catering services on Free to sign up

How it works
1. Sign up.
2.List your menu
3.Set your prices
4.Client places order
5. You get an email asking for your service.
6. You confirm order
7. Render services and we make payment after 24 hours service is rendered
8. we keep 10% of the total as our fees
Why BeUevents
1.Attract new customers and build your client base.
2.Reports to help you easily track all of your transactions
3.Easy publishing tools.
4.Great communications tools to engage your customers.
5. Spend less time on paper work and more in the kitchen.
6.Get new clients today.
Sign up today and get new clients. 
There is Something Unique about your services and you want to share it. We provide the platform that allows you highlight, communicate your uniqueness and help people discover you. We help put you in the conversation of various event organizers and planners. Let us help you be part of the conversation.
Can Clients provide ingredients
Yes clients can provide. You specify the ingredients needed and client purchases them. Make sure you specify the quantity needed as well. You only need to show up and cook. Client will pay for the time amount of time it takes you to make food.
How do I sign up?
How do I sign Up
How much does it cost to have a chef profile
It is free!!!
I am not a trained chef, can I still sign up?

Signup now - Create Chef Account >

Does BeUevents get a cut of total transaction?
Yes BeUevents charges 10% fee from the total of the transaction. For instance for a total order of $700 we will take a fee of $70.
How Do I set my prices?
Make sure your prices will properly compensate for your time and expenses. For instance if make sure you properly bill for transportation cost, cost of ingredients and estimated time. Make sure your hourly rate properly reflect your value and experience. We absolutely want you not too short change yourself
How do I get paid?
We pay via Paypal
Do you provide deposits for very large orders?
Yes we do but on a case by case basis.
When do I get paid?
You get paid within 24 hours of service rendered. This allow to ensure all services have been rendered.
Cancellation policy
How do I confirm an order
How do I get more orders
Great food description and pictures goes a long way. The best way is to let your audience know what you do - a good profile description helps as well. Also feel free to share your page with your various networks via email, word of mouth and Social Media - share your profile page on Facebook, Instagram and tweet about it. Feel free to email to learn more. - create your own event
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