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How it works
1. Sign up.
2.List your menu
3.Set your prices
4.Client places order
5. You get an email asking for your service.
6. You confirm order
7. Render services and we make payment after 24 hours service is rendered
8. we keep 10% of the total as our fees
Why BeUevents
1.Attract new customers and build your client base.
2.Reports to help you easily track all of your transactions
3.Easy publishing tools.
4.Great communications tools to engage your customers.
5. Spend less time on paper work and more in the kitchen.
6.Get new clients today.
Sign up today and get new clients. 
There is Something Unique about your services and you want to share it. We provide the platform that allows you highlight, communicate your uniqueness and help people discover you. We help put you in the conversation of various event organizers and planners. Let us help you be part of the conversation.

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Panla Pop-up Dinner - create your own event - create your own event - create your own event