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Our referral program

You can Promote BeUevents using customized a link
Earn 30% of all ticket fees generated by people you refer for one year.
  1. To create a referral link to distribute to your contacts, log in to your BeUevent account and go here. 
  2. If you dhUn Be account, click here to sign up. You do not have to create an event to join our Referral Program. 
  3. On the BeUevent Referral Program page, you create a unique link to promote. Also enter your Paypal account to receive your payments 
  4. Promote your BeUevent link via Social Media and various media outlets. link by putting it on your own website or sending to prospective event holders. 
  5. You will be notified when event organizers sign up and you will receive payments for up to a full year.
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Panla Pop-up Dinner - create your own event - create your own event - create your own event