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Le Souk

510 LaGuardia Pl, New York, NY 10012
Venue Type
Lounge, Club, Restaurant, Restaurant Lounge, African Restaurant, Others,
Birthday, Corporate Event, Others,
Overview of Le Souk
Multilevel, lantern-lit hot spot offering Moroccan food, hookahs & two full bars. Party Moroccan-style at this "hoppin'" NYU-area bar/lounge/eatery, done up in "trendy" North African trappings accessorized with hookahs and belly dancers; given the "awesome music", "pretty patrons", outdoor tables and meze menu, it's an "experience worth having
Flavour of a fusion of North Africa and Middle Eastern food, with bellydancers, hookah and music to New York City. That was the idear behind the birth of LE SOUK in the East Village.
Le Souk hosts an army of celebrity chefs that help bring a ever perfected balance of North African cuisine with Middle Eastern with and cleverly Mediterranean influence.
Le Souk is also known for its avant-guarde taste on Music, being among the first spot in New York housing several world reknown DJs.

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