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Taj Lounge

48 West 21st St (btwn 5th and 6th ave), New York
Venue Type
Club, Restaurant, Others,
Birthday, Corporate Event, Others,
Overview of Taj Lounge
A marvel in design, Taj is a beautiful Flatiron spot to host a birthday party filled with fusions of Indian, French, and American culture and courses.New York Citys own melting pot of the Indo-French, Taj dazzles but does not overwhelm, as the general mood is relaxed, but increasingly vibrant as the flutes and martini glasses are drained and flooded as the night goes on.
From the crystal-beaded curtains as you walk in, to the tiled walls and sandstone Buddhas as you explore the scene, to the silk lanterns that glow over your table as you enjoy cocktails fused with French and Indian flavors, to the ambient house beats that tie it all together, Taj turns your birthday party in New York City into a relaxing and lush stroll through the exotic.As your stroll turns into a stumble, the atmosphere only comforts you more, as you can always lean on one of the soft benches piled high with pillows (although naps are not intended).
Dont miss the Peaky Toe Crab Cakes to start, and dishes like the Crispy Skin Pomegranate Chicken or the Smoked Salt Portobello Mushrooms are excellent follow-ups.Everything is a little bit French, a little bit Indian, and just enough American to make you feel at home.
There arent many places in New York City where you can hold a birthday party and forget youre in the Big Apple (this does not mean forgetting the events of the night, you can do that anywhere).But Taj lets you do just that, and do it in plush comfort and style.And if Kama Sutra comes up, feel free to thank us later.

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